The Polish Art Foundation (PAF) is a not - for - profit voluntary organisation that is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art to the Australian community.

The organisation, which has been founded in 1977 is also committed to supporting artists of Polish background now living in Australia; helping to promote their work to the broader Victorian community. Some ten years ago, the foundation committed to the establishment of a bi-annual International Drawing Competition (Biennale) to emphasise the significance and role of drawing as an art form among both established and emerging contemporary artists in today’s society. This event, open to both local and international entries provides a unique window into the exclusive world of drawing in all its forms, enabling an exchange of ideas and trends among artists from all corners of the globe.

The competition final presents usually up to 60 works that have been previously selected by an appointed jury. The foundation receives entries from established and emerging artists from as far places as Asia, Europe, and the United States. The International Biennale’s uniqueness is further reinforced by the way in which the competition is promoted. The Polish Art Foundation uses mainly electronic media to reach out to artists through various international art schools as well as art agencies and on-line publications. The Polish Art Foundation also runs a range of other regular activities including thematic exhibitions, workshops and social events. These bring together artists and art lovers alike, allowing individuals to share their common love and passion for art in all its forms.

As an organisation we encourage the active participation of emerging artists who maybe first time entrants into the unique and enchanting space that is the artistic community. Our exhibitions have proven to be a valuable stepping stone for several young artists who are working towards establishing themselves in the Australian art market. The foundation also works in partnership with other arts bodies and agencies both locally and overseas, supporting a shared dialogue between Australia and Poland and their respective creative histories and experience.
Objectives of the Polish Art Foundation:
To introduce Polish Art to the Australian community and Australian Art to the Polish community.

To promote painting, sculpture and other forms of art through the organisation of exhibitions, art shows or by fundraising activities in order to achieve the objectives.

To establish a collection of art work, which may be purchased, borrowed or donated to the Foundation.

To organise competitions, exhibitions and other activities which would promote us and allow the Foundation to be an active participant in the Australian Arts Community.

To co-operate with institutions with similar interests and objectives as well as private art galleries in Australia and overseas.
Irena Ambraziene, Conversation, Pencil on paper